HABIBI COMPANY was established in 1954 .HABIBICO is one of the most famous pioneer Iranian Exporter in wide vmeet to president mr khatamiariety types &forms of dried fruits /edible nuts to the most countries all over the world.

Pistachio Nuts, Walnuts, Hazel Nuts, Dried Figs, Apricot, Sultana Raisin, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds and Aniseeds under the trade mark of HABIBI are favorite crops in many countries.

HABIBI Company established his branches in Dubai in 2003 &. in CANADA in 2005 .

HABIBICO products are collected from integral crops in the fields & farms and exported after being processed and packed under strictly hygienic conditions and advanced technology in the Company's plants. The company uses the most modern equipments for packaging of its products & the most experiences experts in its production process.

Due to the high quality and reasonable prices of our products, We meet International Market’s demands easily & rapidly ..

With attention to this outstanding points, we could achieve much important success in our business and gain a lot of awards such as:

In 2000, HABIBI CO. was awarded by “Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture” as” an Iranian Superior Exporter”.

HABIBI CO. was also Candidate for “ Exemplary Export Awards “ from ” Iran Trade Promotion Organization” for several consecutive years.

An international award was granted to HABIBI CO. by the” WQC International Star Award Paris 2003 ”.

The Experienced Manager and Expert Team of the Company have concentrated their activities to their customer's expectations & tastes by offering qualified products

at the most competitive prices& quality and services .

HABIBICO is standing for your request and orders from anywhere

When you think “ QUALITY” , “EXCELLENCE” and “PROFESSIONALISM " In Dried Nuts Business think about “HABIBICO

This is the secret of our success in the widespread world of business.

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